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There are 2 groups within 24-7 Networking Sales. The Professional Group and the Commission-able Group. The Professional Group is made up of individuals in insurance, attorneys, banks, financial planners, human resources, real estate and many other Professions that cannot pay or receive commissions. The Commission-able Group is made up of companies in Construction, Technology, Printing, Automotive, Accounts Receivable, Advertising, Bookkeeping, Mediation and many other industries

24-7 Networking Sales is the most successful Networking Group in the nation based upon actual “Paying Out On Leads. This is causing the 24-7 members to be even more profitable with their own clients. Learn how to become a key business influencer with your own clients. Many 24-7 clients say their own clients like their company even more since joining 24-7.

Member's are paid commission on sales that happen within the framework of our member base.  If you pass on a lead to another member and they get paid you will be paid a commission on that sale!  ITS ALL ABOUT GETTING PAID TO NETWORK!!

24-7 members meet just about weekly to exchange quality business leads and to collect checks on commissions. Each member presents a quick presentation about their business at the opening of all meetings and we review objectives for building business between members in a open format. All members are asked to update and report leads to the group owner for check dispersal each month.

When was the last time you attended a networking function and received a check versus giving a check!!!!

Yearly, Monthly Dues & Fees:

  • Yearly registration fee: $600.00
  • Breakfast, Evening & Other Events: Usually $20, $25 or $30 per person for local events.
  • Special Events- Golf, Trade Shows, Charity events, etc. price varies upon event venue.

Who Should Join 24-7?

Real Networkers!!! Our slogan is: We are looking for REAL networkers and we are going to challenge you to prove it, and we have the $ CASH $ to back up that challenge.

Professionals, business owners, executives, managers and sales people all benefit from 24-7 membership.

What is Required to Join the 24-7?

  • Attendance at weekly meetings. It is not mandatory but weekly attendance is important in order to give and receive more timely referrals. We have seen many referrals given to a company at the meetings because the situation came about recently for the sales lead.
  • Payment of annual membership dues.
  • Use of ethical business practices.
  • Make business referrals to other members.
  • Represent one or many types of business categories.

What are the Benefits of 24-7 Membership?

  • Receive commissions on sales leads that other 24-7 members complete in a sale and get paid. STOP giving away sales leads for free.
  • What rows the boat in 24-7 is generating sales leads. The top company receiving sales leads, gives the most sales leads. And he will tell you to get to the top of his hit parade, generate him a sales lead.
  • 24-7 members may use your products and services.
  • 24-7 members refer you to others who need your products and services.
  • You learn how to represent and promote your business more effectively.
  • Weekly meetings keep you in touch with your regional business community.
  • Meetings that are run by and for the Members with the only purpose being networking for referrals. Time is not spent on other subjects which do not produce leads.



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