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Every sale starts from a single interaction or introduction.  Your future client needs to know that you exist, well before they like you, trust you and you could show them how they can benefit by working together with you. 

“All dressed up with nothing to do” or “spinning my wheels busy doing nothing” pretty much describe the last decade in my previous career.  It was soul crushing.  I made it a point to put all my energies to not allow history to repeat itself.  I decided early on, that a high degree of one on one networking was the way I wanted to grow my business and make sure enough people know I exist.

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet Phil Doyle and the wonderful people involved in 24-7 Networking Sales.  This group has taught me the benefits of building long term relationships with people in a variety of industries as well as a commonsense approach to networking.  Besides the direct sales leads I acquire though 24-7 Networking Sales, I form strategic partnerships with the right people, and we work together to find business for each other.

24-7 Networking Sales is NOT there to find you a quick sale.  It is an opportunity that will help your business grow over time.  I would recommend 24-7 Networking Sales to anyone who is seriously committed to the long-term growth and success of their business.

Jason Wilk, Crown Home Mortgage

"at first, I just didn't get it, and thought It wouldn't work for me, but then I gave it a shot with 24/7 a few months ago, and now I have built a very full pipeline of business. Its a team of real people selling with you and helping win deals!
Matt Coffy
Coffy Group LLC- Digial Marketing Agency
Ridgefield Park - New Jersey



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